Data Science Game 2015


The Data Science Game was established by Ensae Paristech to promote data science and the skill development of students in this area. The project was supported by ParisTech, a French association of engineering schools. The first the Data Science Game took place in 2015. The finals were held in 20 and 21 June 2015 in a castle near Paris and gathered 20 teams from different countries.

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The first part of the challenge was online, thanks to the platform Participants were given a sample of sentences taken from English literature classics. From a labeled training set, they had to train a model to predict the author of a given sentence. See the first phase rankings.

The finals were held in CapGemini's castle Château Les Fontaines. Participants had to classify YouTube videos into 15 categories using metadata such as the title of the video, its description, its duration, the date, freebase IDs, etc. The two-day challenge provided a thrilling confrontation between the 20 teams, with the leaderboard constantly moving despite the overall domination of the Moscow State University team. After two days, 1,034 submissions and (too) few hours of sleep, the competitors enjoyed some well deserved cocktails and time to share their experiences, and to meet the colleagues and companies who made the event possible.

2015 Rankings
University Country Ranking
Moscow State University Russia 1
La Sapienza Italy 2
Telecom Paristech France 3
University of Amsterdam Netherlands 4
Imperial College London United-Kingdom 5

Team #MSU from Moscow State University is leading the contest at 10PM for the #DSG15

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I guess there could be worst ways to work during the week end - #DSG15

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