Data Science Game is an association that promotes the development of data science and skills related to scientific challenges addressed to students in computer science, data science, engineering, statistics and/or applied mathematics.

Our team is mostly composed of volunteer data scientists who are working hard to make the Data Science Game a unique and wonderful challenge for students and partners.

Organizing committee


  • Antoine Ly

    Data Scientist and Actuary, Milliman, PhD Student - Machine Learning applied to Acturial Issues.


  • Anthony Aufret

    Data Science Consultant


  • Benjamin Donnot

    Data scientist, RTE

Head of communication

  • Audrey Ribeiro

    Data science student

Black Ops developer

  • Maryan Morel

    Research engineer at Ecole Polytechnique.

Black Ops developer

  • Mike Botazzo

    Data scientist student


  • Antoine Miech

    INRIA Research intern - Télécom ParisTech student


  • Laugel Thibault

    Data Scientist, Deezer


  • Arnaud Musso

    Télécom ParisTech student

Mascot support

  • Peter Naylor

    PhD Student

Legal support

  • Adriane Bergault

    Law student

Mascot support

  • Raphaël Denis

    Data science student

Communication team

  • Delphine Gras

    Data science student

Communication team

  • Lucile Beaune


Communication team

  • Antoine Guillot

    Data Scientist, Actuary

RNA Number: W751232624    

SIRET Number 81877203000016

  Head office address: 8 rue Sophie germain, 75014 paris, France.